About Us / Who We Are

Flexibility is the key to a happy, successful project.

Our key players are all chosen for their creativity, experience and talent, and we have a network of people who we can call upon to provide the additional services evolving projects demand. It means we won't try and shoehorn our skillset into a brief, all our clients get a fully bespoke and adaptable service.


Key Players





Jonathan Cook
Programming and Development
Jonny is a web, database and application developer with over ten years experience. His impressive portfolio encompasses internet payment systems, insurance databases and much more. When we're done making it pretty, Jonny makes it work.




Joey Roberts
Founder and Director
A true creative, Joey likes nothing more than working ‘till the wee hours animating, perfecting digital design and site architecture, or digging around in database design and programming. If it’s never been done before, he’ll find a way to do it. Joey moved down under in 2011 to get married, enjoy the sunshine and set up the Sydney studio; the lucky devil.

Angela Giambuzzi
Project Manager
The ultimate plate juggler, Angie runs our Sydney office. Ange keeps our Aussie clients happy, their projects running smoothly, and our Joey on track. She's also married to Joey, so has to put up with him after work too. Poor girl. Quite how she's always brimming with enthusiasm, is anyone's guess...